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Lubrication & Oil Changes

Lube, Oil Changes & Filter Replacements from Your Sidney Auto Shop

Steve’s Service full-service automotive repair and maintenance shop in Sidney always focuses on keeping our customers’ vehicles in the best shape possible. One of our preventative maintenance services includes a regular oil change, lube and filter replacement by one of our experienced staff members.

Why do I need to get an oil change?

By getting regular oil changes and filter replacements, you’re promoting maximum performance and the extension of the life of your vehicle. Oil is a key component in getting your vehicle to run smoothly: it lubricates the components inside the engine of your vehicle while reducing the amount of friction that happens between these components. Oil acts as a cooling agent to the parts creating friction with each other, as well as an absorbent to harmful particles that get filtered out through your oil filter. This, in turn, creates clean oil in your vehicle which keeps your engine – and vehicle – running at its optimal performance level.

During an oil change at Steve’s Service, we will replace your old oil with new oil as well as replace your old oil filter to promote clean oil for your automobile. We’ll also lubricate the components of your vehicle according to the manufacture standards.

Call today or stop by our shop to schedule an oil change and keep your vehicle running at top performance.

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