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Retail & Recharging Vehicle Batteries at Steve’s Service in Sidney

Steve’s Service offers retail batteries and battery recharging services for your vehicle in Sidney. If your car battery refuses to start and needs a recharge, we have the necessary equipment to get you back on the road. Or, if you’re in need of a new battery, we also have vehicle batteries in many makes and models to fit your automobile.

How does my vehicle’s battery work?

The starting system of your vehicle consists of the battery, starter motor and starter solenoid. The charging system of your vehicle consists of the alternator and voltage regulator. The battery provides the electrical power your vehicle needs to be able to start, which begins when you turn the ignition. By doing this, the starting system sends power from your battery to the starter solenoid to the starter motor. When this happens, your engine turns and begins your automobile’s internal combustion process. Without a properly working vehicle battery, your engine will not start!

If you’re in need of a batter recharge or new battery for your vehicle, stop by our complete auto service shop today in Sidney.

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